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Utility Engineering

DAVID identifies and locate major utility features using collected utility data from utility company maps, as-built plans and site surveys. We plot existing utilities within the project limits on electronic base maps and prepare an initial cost estimate for the relocation of all facilities, overhead or underground, which have any potential for conflict with the proposed construction.

DAVID researches facilities and acquires utility base maps through identified sources such as railroad, oil, gas, electric, cable and fiber optics and additional sources available such as surveys from Department survey branches and GIS information from Utility Districts. We work with Utility providers beginning in the planning stages coordinating with their relocation design plans ensuring all owner and stakeholder objectives are met while reducing the potential for impacts and delays.


Scoping & Development

  • Preliminary Studies

  • Utility Identification

  • Utility Location

  • Utility Base Map Review

  • Prior Rights Status

  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Pot Holing Coordination

Conceptual & Final Design

  • Log of Utilities

  • Potential Utility Conflict List

  • Relocation Needs

  • Location & Layout Drawings

  • Design Quality Assurance

  • Alternative Analysis

  • Utility Reports

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